24 Mei 2011


At least 116 people have been killed following a massive tornado that swept through the Midwestern US city of Joplin in Missouri.
Emergency officials announced the latest death toll on Monday, saying that about 400 other people were injured in the twister. Many of those wounded were reported to have massive internal injuries, according to local officials.
The tornado struck the city near the border with Oklahoma and Kansas on Sunday evening, less than a month after a horrific tornado outbreak left 354 dead across seven US states.
The twister was the deadliest of 46 tornadoes reported to the National Weather Service in seven states on Sunday.
Emergency personnel walk through a neighbourhood severely damaged by a tornado near the Joplin Regional Medical Center in Joplin, Missouri, Sunday, May 22, 2011. A large tornado moved through much of the city, damaging a hospital and hundreds of homes and businesses.
A destroyed helicopter lies on its side in the parking lot of the Joplin Regional Medical Center.
Residents of Joplin, Mo, walk west on 26th Street near Maiden Lane after a tornado hit the southwest Missouri city on Sunday evening, May 22, 2011. The tornado tore a path a mile wide and four miles long destroying homes and businesses.
A man carries a young boy who was rescued after being trapped in his home after a tornado hit Joplin.
Volunteer firefighters William Jackson, left, and Ashley Martin, centre, from Oklahoma, and Johnny Ward of Joplin look through the wreckage of a home where it was feared a pregnant woman was trapped following a tornado in Joplin. The three did not find anyone during their search.
A tractor trailer is tipped over on Interstate 44 near Joplin, Missouri, after the town was hit by a tornado on Sunday, May 22, 2011.

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