13 Jun 2011


An elephant attacks a man in Mysore, a town in India's southern Karnataka state, in this still image taken from video June 8, 2011. Two elephants went on a rampage in the town, after entering from a nearby forest, killing one man and injuring two calves. Forest rangers and officials from the Mysore Zoo eventually managed to tranquilise and capture the animals, which are due to be released back into the forest later. It cannot be confirmed whether the man shown in this picture was the man who was killed during the incident.
Gajah yang naik minyak sedang melanyak mangsa...
8 Jun 2011 seekor gajah yang mengamuk di India telah membunuh seorang awam. Bayangkan jika haiwan yang sebegitu besar melanyak kita.... Minta dijauhi Allah....

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