28 Mac 2011


80 MAUT, 50 CEDERA...?

A series of blasts at an ammunition factory has left at least 80 people dead and more than 50 others wounded near the southern Yemeni town of Jaar, a day after the plant was looted by masked gunmen.
A local official said on Monday that the death toll could still rise significantly as bodies were recovered from the factory.
Witnesses said the blasts, possibly triggered by a cigarette, caused a massive fire in the factory, which is located in the Khanfar area close to Jaar city. The plant roduces ammunition and Kalashnikov rifles.
Local residents told Al Jazeera that more than 100 men, women and children were looting the left-overs in the factory when the first explosion occurred.
"This accident is a true catastrophe, the first of its kind in Abyan," a doctor at the state-run hospital said. 

Sumber: Aljazeera.net,my
"There are so many burned bodies. I can't even describe the situation."

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