09 Disember 2010


Gunung Santubong is located on the Damai Peninsula, 35km north of Kuching. From sea level, it's rainforest-covered peaks rise steeply to 810m, forming a catchment for numerous streams and a potential sanctuary for a variety of wildlife.
There are a number of local legends about Gunung Santubong. One of these tells of how the mountain came to be and where its name came from. Like many legends, there are several versions of this one. According to one version, the mountain was formed when mythical Princess Santubong was speared by her jealous sister, Princess Sejinjang. Falling over, she gave the mountain its distinctive profile, like a pregnant belly.
According to the other version of this story, the two princesses lived in the heavenly kingdom Kayangan. The Crown Prince fell in love with both of them, but they refused to be joint wives. The King of Kayangan banished the princesses to earth, where they became Gunung Santubong and the nearby Gunung Seijinjang.

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