04 Januari 2011


Australia's military has begun airlifting essential food and supplies to parts of the northeastern state of Queensland where forecasters say floodwaters may not peak for two more days.
Warren Snowdon, acting defence minister, said a C-130 carrying food, medical supplies and other items landed in the city of Mackay on Monday with supplies to be ferried by road south to Rockhampton, local media reported.

Waters from the still-swelling Fitzroy river have closed the airport in the coastal city of about 75,000 people.
The floods have also cut the main highway leading to the state capital of Brisbane and forced scores of families to abandon their homes for relief centres set up on higher ground.
Authorities cautioned that the Fitzroy would continue rising until late on Tuesday or early on Wednesday local time.

Sumber: Aljazeera.net, 4/1/2011

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