07 September 2010


Iran's total production of low-enriched uranium has risen by around 15 per cent since May to reach 2.8 tonnes, according to a restricted UN report.
The report, obtained by news agencies on Monday, said that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), a Vienna-based UN agency, remained concerned about possible activity in the Islamic Republic to develop a nuclear payload for a missile.
"Iran has estimated that, between February 9 2010 and August 20 2010 ... 22 kilogrammes or UF6 enriched up to 20 per cent has been produced" at its pilot fuel enrichment plant in Natanz, the report said.
The White House called the report "troubling" and said that it showed Tehran was still trying to develop a nuclear weapons capability.

Sumber: Aljazeera.Net, 7/9/2010

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