24 Jun 2010


Spanish train accident kills 12
Those killed were travelling to festivities for the Saint John's Day summer festival [AFP]
Twelve people have been killed by a high speed train as they crossed a railway track in northeastern Spain.
Another 14 people were injured in the accident at the Castelldefels Playa station, south of the city of Barcelona, late on Wednesday, the interior ministry said.
One of the injured is in a critical condition and two others are in a serious condition in hospital, Marina Geli, the health minister for the regional government of Catalonia, said.
Most of those killed were young people who were on their way to celebrate the annual Saint John's Day summer festival, which includes dances, concerts and bonfires, and marks the year's shortest night.
The victims had just arrived at the station on a different train, said by witnesses to be very full, and decided to walk across the tracks to avoid using a busy underpass.
One youth who managed to cross the track told SER Radio: "At that moment a train came from the other direction and ran everyone over."

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