07 Jun 2010


Argentina Striker Carlos Tevez: I Am Ready For The World Cup

Argentina and Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez is adamant that he is mentally and physically ready for the World Cup.

Diego Maradona’s side struggled in qualifying, requiring a 1-0 victory against Uruguay in their last match to even make the tournament.

Tevez believes that Argentina will enjoy a better World Cup in South Africa, where they are matched against South Korea, Nigeria and Greece in Group B.

"This is a World Cup. Who can not been motivated when they have this opportunity?” Tevez told Clarin.

"In the qualifiers everything was a lot more difficult. Injuries didn't allow me to be fully fit, something that's not the case today. Honestly I feel 10 out of 10.

"I am a lot more focused than four years ago, I'm preparing myself very much for the first game.

"Since I got on the plane from England to travel to Argentina and join the group, I have been thinking about the opener against Nigeria."

Tevez enjoyed a fine season at City, scoring 23 Premier League goals, the fourth highest total in the league this season.

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