One of them, Shamsul Akmar, said the ship was bearing humanitarian aid for Gaza, went as far as it could until it was sropped and boarded by Israeli troops and taken to the port of Ashdod instead.
As Malaysia did not have diplomatic ties with Israel, the Thai embassy helped get them out.
Volunteers(AP Photo)
The other five Malaysians are lawyer Matthias Chang, Parit MP Mohd Nizar Zakaria, activists Ahmad faizal Azumu and TV3 crew members Halim Mohamed and Mohd Jufri Judin.
The 1,400-tonne MV Rachel corrie was bearing medical equipment, wheelchairs, construction material, cement, books, writing material and toys in its attempt to break the three-year siege on Gaza.
MV Rachel Corrie was a Malaysian-Irish effort, was flying the Malaysian and Irish flags at half-mast in memory of the nine activists who were killed on the MV Mavi Marmara last week by Israeli troops when they seized the six-ship Gaza aid flotilla.
That flotilla was about 160km away from Gaza when Israel stopped it while the Rachel Corrie was 55km away.
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