02 Ogos 2010


Cluster bomb ban comes into effect
The treaty prohibits signatories from using,
producing and stockpiling the weapons [AFP]
A global treaty banning cluster munitions has gone into force.
The Convention on Cluster Munitions, which became binding international law on Sunday, prohibits the use, production and stockpiling of the weapon, which is blamed for killing and maiming tens of thousands of civilians.
Thomas Nash, from the Cluster Munition Coalition, a network of 200 civil society organisations, hailed the ban.
"This is the most significant piece of international humanitarian law to enter into force since the land mine ban 10 years ago. From this moment on, countries have a legal obligation to assist the victims," the Reuters news agency quoted him as saying.
The treaty requires signatories to destroy stockpiled cluster munitions within eight years, clear contaminated areas within 10 years and help affected communities and survivors.
The Convention on Cluster Bombs was first adopted in May 2008 and ratified by 37 states including Britain, France, Germany and Japan, which all have significant stocks.

Sumber: AlJazeera.Net, 2/8/2010

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