17 Ogos 2010


German star apologises for HIV sex

A German singer facing charges for allegedly infecting a man with HIV has admitted to having unprotected sex with several partners despite knowing she was HIV-positive.
Nadja Benaissa, a member of German girl band No Angels, is charged with grievous bodily harm for allegedly infecting a partner in 2004 with the virus that causes AIDS.
The pop star also faces charges of attempted bodily harm for having unprotected sex with two other men.
Benaissa has denied deliberately infecting anyone.
"I am sorry from my heart," she said in a statement read by her lawyer at the opening of her trial in the German city of Darmstadt on Monday.
"No way did I want my partner to be infected," she told the administrative court.
In her statement, Benaissa told the court she became a cocaine addict at 14 and that during her pregnancy at 16, she found out she was HIV positive, according to the news agency ddp.
Five more sessions are scheduled in her trial. It is not clear if Benaissa will give any further testimony.

Sumber: Aljazeera.Net, 17/8/2010

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