03 Ogos 2010


Rockets strike Jordan and Israel
A taxi driver was killed when the rocket hit his car
in the port city of Aqaba [AFP]
Rockets have hit Red Sea port cities in Jordan and Israel, leaving one man dead and four others wounded.
One rocket exploded in the street in front of the InterContinental Hotel in the Jordanian city of Aqaba on Monday morning, wounding five Jordanian men, one of whom later died of his wounds, the Amman government said.
No casualties were reported in the Israeli city of Eilat, where another rocket hit.
The Jordanian killed in Aqaba was identified as Subhi Yousef al-Alawneh, a taxi driver in his fifties.

"We saw the wreckage of a taxi which was burnt and fragmented metal scattered around the area that was cordoned off by police," Abdullah Yashin Rawashdehd, an Aqaba resident, told the Reuters news agency.

Ali Ayed, Jordan's information minister called the rocket attack a "terrorist and criminal act, which serves shady agendas, is strongly condemned".

Sumber: AlJazeera.Net, 3/8/2010

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