02 Julai 2010


Taliban attacks Afghan aid office
A Taliban spokesman described the attack as a "welcome" for General David Petraeus [AFP]
At least five people have been killed in an attack by Taliban fighters on the office of a US aid contractor in northern Afghanistan.
Armed men stormed the offices of Development Alternatives Inc (DAI) in Kunduz province early Friday morning.
The gunmen battled with Afghan police for more than five hours before police could secure the building and retrieve the bodies of the victims.
The US embassy in Kabul said that a German security guard was killed during the attack. Four other people, including two Afghan security guards, were also killed.
At least 20 other people were wounded, according to Mohammad Omar, the governor of the province.
A spokesman for the Taliban told Al Jazeera that six men took part in the attack. One of them was driving a car rigged with explosives, and blew himself up outside the gates.
Omar said a second attacker also blew himself up inside the base.

Sumber: Al-Jazeera.Net, 2/7/2010

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