29 Julai 2010


Nazril Ariel, Luna Maya(AP file photo)
'Peterporn' Ariel collected 30 homemade porn videos
He is indeed, the Edison Chen of Jakarta. The lead singer of the band Peterpan, Ariel, reportedly has a collection of 30 porn videos featuring other Indonesian female celebrities three years ago.
JAKARTA - The lead vocalist of Indonesian rock band Peterpan, Nazril Ariel, 28, who was embroiled in sex scandal with his actress girlfriend Luna Maya, 26 and Indonesian model Cut Tari (who has admitted she was involved in the video), 32, two months ago, has collected over 30 porn videos in his personal laptop involving himself and other famous Indonesian female artistes since 2007, reported okezone.com.

An investigator of Police Headquarters' Criminal Investigation Department (Bareskrim), who declined to be named, when reached on Tuesday(27/7/2010) said, "Ariel has kept his own porn collections in his private laptop computer since 2007."

A man, who was identified only by "RJ", is said to have stolen all thirty porn videos from Ariel's laptop without his knowledge and was eventually passed along to Andes, whom the police are searching for, for allegedly distributing these clips to three university students of Bandung, who circulated them on the internet. 

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