31 Julai 2010


Floods trap thousands in Pakistan

Thousands have been forced to flee the
floods in the northwest [Reuters]
Eight hundred people are now known to have been killed in the worst floods in Pakistan's history as rescue workers attempted to reach thousands of people stranded by torrential monsoon rains.
More than a million people had been affected by the floods on Saturday. Bloated rivers have washed away villages and triggered devastating landslides throughout the northwest of the country.
Vast swathes of farmlands have been destroyed, and entire cities have been cut off after being lashed by the heaviest rains in living memory.
Pakistani officials warned that more people could be affected as they expected river levels to continue to rise in coming days.
The city of Peshawar has been entirely cut off from the rest of the country, and the Pakistani military has sent boats and helicopters to surrounding areas to rescue stranded villagers.

Sumber: AlJazeera.Net, 31/7/2010

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