05 Julai 2010



It has never been documented where and how the present Ayam Serama was originated.
By heresay information, Ayam Serama  originated from Kelantan. The present Serama is a mixture of close in-breeding of many varieties of small exotic birds, most probably, local Katik, local Jungle Fowl, Bantam and others. After a series of experiments and many trials and errors, the not so refined Original Ayam Serama was produced.
This original Ayam Serama, of which some are still available in our farm, are direct ancestors  to the present stock. With careful and painstaking cross breeding, the present refined Ayam Serama was achieved.
It seems that the present trend is that "the smaller the better" and breeders are further improving them; besides the small size, are the characters, structure and overall physical beauty.

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