05 Julai 2010


Diego Maradona, Reuters

Argentina returns home after World Cup elimination

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP)—Argentina’s national team returned home
Sunday amid high security after an exit from the World Cup that many fans
felt was humiliating and premature.
The Aerolineas Argentinas flight arrived from South Africa, where Germany
ended Argentina’s hopes with a convincing 4-0 victory on Saturday.
Police took extreme measures to prevent fans from reaching
the capital’s international airport. Customs and immigration officials
processed the players and coaching staff at the plane, and a bus took
them directly from the tarmac to the Argentine Football Association’s
nearby headquarters without passing through the airport building.
Police also blocked the access highway, allowing only passengers,
flight crews and airport workers to pass within 2 miles of the airport.
Thousands of people gathered nevertheless along the highway
and outside AFA headquarters, many with signs of support
for coach Diego Maradona. Several of the players have asked
Maradona to remain as coach of the national team despite
their frustrated bid for World Cup glory.
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